Tuesday, November 9, 2010

lost gods: first post: chaac (in progress)

first of a new series. similar to the weird kreatures concept, the idea is to create a series of illustrations depicting ancient deities based solely on textual descriptions and my own experiences/memories/interpretations. to reimagine and not draw from preexisting visual portrayals. new ideas.

chaac - (also spelled chac or, in classic mayan, chaahk) is the name of the maya rain deity. with his lightning axe, chaac strikes the clouds and produces thunder and rain. chaac corresponds to tlaloc among the aztecs.

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Devin said...

Wow man great idea for an illustration series. I love how this came out dude's headdress is awesome though I'd Like to see him in full garb. I really hope to see more of these man I think you are onto something here! Also Ancient Mayan and Inca artwork was/is so rich with color...definitely consider inking these too! -Dev