Sunday, January 11, 2009

wolf moon

so, some recent work.

the one on top was done in illustrator for my friend alex's company, dance party was supposed to be an ode to the photorealistic wolf/bear/eagle montage shirts that originally gained popularity in biker/nature enthusiast/native american pow-wow circles, but have more recently enjoyed an ironic resurgence...I wanted to achieve the same effect, with a slightly different, simplified line quality and a consideration for the fact that it would be printed in only two or three colors...the image below it is the finished product with alex's final touches.

more posts/personal artwork coming soon.


Dave said...

Really sick, Lee.

I'm generally not much for "ironic" aka "douchebag" style, but your original drawing is dope, and the 'wardrobe' on the shirt is hilarious.

Well done.

Lee Luker said...

many thanks. appreciate it.